LVL Patch Tests
LVL Patch Tests
LVL Patch Tests
LVL Patch Tests

LVL Patch Tests

Ordinær pris 60 NOK

5 single-use LVL patch test blisters and 5 Patch Test Instruction Cards. Does not include Tint.

For LVL Lash Lift patch testing

Our LVL Patch Tests are designed for use prior to LVL treatments, the revolutionary lash lifting treatment exclusive to Nouveau Lashes. Our new LVL Patch Tests contain five single-use patch test blisters as well as five Patch Test Instruction Cards. Does not include Tint. 

If clients are having a lash tint as part of the LVL treatment, it is the lash artist’s responsibility to provide a tint test beforehand. To perform a tint patch test, mix 1 part Tint to 2 parts Tint Developer.

What’s included in our LVL Patch Test?

  • 5 single-use patch test blisters 
  • 5 Patch Test Instruction Cards 

For use prior to treatments


Patch tests should be carried out at least 48 hours prior to LVL treatments.


Full instructions can be found on the Patch Test Instruction Card.


Patch tests should be carried out on new clients only and those returning after 6 months (or with changes in medical history).

Storage: Store in a cool place away from direct sun and heat.

Ingredients:Contains: Lanolin, Thioglycolate, Cysteamine