Mini Mascara Wand (Pack of 100)

Mini Mascara Wand (Pack of 100)

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Ideal for separating lash extensions as part of an aftercare routine.

Designed to attach onto the Pro Lash Tool and the Lash & Brow Tool, these hygienic Mini Mascara Wands are beneficial to lash artists in several ways. Ideal for use during SVS and Russian Volume lash treatments to fluff and separate lash extensions, they can be disposed of after single usage. Recommend to your clients for use with our Lash & Brow Tool, or Pro Lash Tool as part of their aftercare routine.

How to use:

  • ATTACH: Attach onto our Pro Lash Tool or Lash & Brow Tool.
  • FLUFF AND SEPARATE: For use with LVL, Russian Volume and Extend treatments, particularly for SVS and Russian Volume to fluff and separate lash extensions to prolong treatment results.