Pro Super Shaper
Pro Super Shaper
Pro Super Shaper
Pro Super Shaper

Pro Super Shaper

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What is it?

A new and improved pro pencil sharpener - this one is much quicker and easier to achieve that famous flat, ultra-fine tip on the HD Brows Pro Pencil. We think it’s AMAZING! 


Why you'll love it…

The HD Brows Pro Pencil is a best-seller thanks to its unique ability to draw on  HYPER- REAL thin hair strokes.

This new sharpening blade is now in a black box. With just a few swipes of the pro pencil across the sharpening blade, your clients will get your Pro Pencil to be sharp and precise. 


1. Place the pencil core gently on the lid of the Pro Super Shaper at the desired sharpening angle, without applying pressure.
2. Push the pencil gently towards and over the blade, shaving off a sliver of pencil at a time.
3. Repeat 4 or 5 times, or until you have applied the desired angle - halfway through the pencil core.
4. Rotate the pencil and repeat on the other side until you have achieved the desired wedge point.
5. Hold the Pro Super Shaper at opposite lower corners and gently pull the tray and lid apart from one corner. Separate tray and lid one side at a time.
6. To replace the lower tray, simply click-fit together with the lid.

RRP: 220kr