Brow Lamination pack
Brow Lamination pack

Brow Lamination pack

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The "BrowSculpt Duo" is the brow lamination formula by HD Brows.


The box contains 10 treatments. Each treatment contains Relax & Reform Creams - the essential products to complete the lamination stage of your lamination treatments. The gentle formulations give maximum performance with minimum damage. 

10 x 0.7g Relax Cream
10 x 0.7g Reform Cream

Enough products to perform 10 treatments.

How to use:
Apply step 1 (Relax Cream) to the brows to relax the hair & leave on for the required time. Follow with step 2 (Reform Cream) to reform the brows into the desired position - leave this step for up to 7 minutes. Timings will vary dependent on hair type.

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