Micro Cups (Pack of 100)
Micro Cups (Pack of 100)
Micro Cups (Pack of 100)
Micro Cups (Pack of 100)

Micro Cups (Pack of 100)

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Holds liquid treatment products making the application process more efficient.
Micro Cups are useful for holding liquid treatment products, such as adhesives, tints and pro sealant when applying them onto lashes. The cups are designed to fit perfectly inside our Rings, for easy, convenient access during treatments. Micro Cups help minimise wastage, keep product fresh and allow for easy and quick disposal of unused product at the end of a treatment. Micro Cups are great for keeping products close to hand, to make the treatment process as quick and efficient as possible, eliminating the need to move product back and forth from your workstation to your client.

Reduce wastage:

  • DECANT: Simply decant the applicable measure of product needed into the cups.
  • EASE: Attach to your fingers with Rings for convenience.


  • Dispose after each use

Suitable treatments:

  • Suitable for LVL, Russian Volume, and Extend treatments
  • For use with our Rings or Headband Pads
  • For single-use only