Mini Combs
Mini Combs

Mini Combs (Pack of 100)

Ordinær pris 250 NOK

For separating lashes before, during or after treatments.  Ideal for use during Extend treatments to separate lashes and prevent ‘stickies’, or after LVL treatments for maximum definition. 

Mini Combs are perfect for separating lashes during treatments, adding a finishing touch for your clients. These handy little combs are used before and after LVL treatments, and during the process for Extend treatments to prevent ‘stickies’.

Mini Combs are designed to fit onto the end of the Pro Lash Tool .

How to use

  • ATTACHABLE: Attach onto the ends of our Pro Lash Tool.
  • SEPARATE: Use Mini Combs to separate lashes ready for treatments, during and after Extend to remove ‘stickies’ and after LVL to ensure all lashes are separated to give maximum impact.


  • Dispose of after each use