Pro Lash Tool
Pro Lash Tool
Pro Lash Tool

Pro Lash Tool

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Double-ended versatile tool

This extremely versatile Professional Lash Tool is an essential piece of equipment for any lash artist. With a dual-ended design, the 'prong' can be used to separate lashes during lash applications or as a lash lift tool to pull lashes onto a shield during LVL treatments. The opposite end has an opening which can be used to attach any necessary tool needed for varying treatments and processes, including Mini Brushes, Mini Wands and Mini Combs. The Professional Lash Tool offers multifunctional flexibility - any professional lash artist kit would be incomplete without one.

How to use:

  • FOR LVL TREATMENTS: Using the metal end of the Pro Lash Tool, carefully pull back approximately five lashes onto the shield where Bonding Gel has been applied. Use the point of the Pro Lash Tool to achieve isolation and correct direction of lashes placed onto a shield.
  • ATTACHMENTS: Using the open end, attach Mini Brushes, Mini Wands and Mini Combs for flexibility when performing lash extensions treatments and separating lashes. Apply pro sealant and free outer lashes from our Under Eye Treatment Pads with the Mini Brush.
  • HYGIENE: Using our disinfectant wipes, clean your Pro Lash Tool prior to each use and dispose of Mini Brushes, Mini Wands and Mini Combs after each use.


  • When not in use, we recommend storing the Pro Lash Tool in its own stylish, protective case which is supplied with the product
  • Storage case is 100% synthetic.

Suitable techniques:

  • The attachment feature ensures this product is suitable for use in a variety of ways

Stainless steel:

Hygienic metal alloy that is highly durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.